Josea Swimwear Guide 2018 Facebook: josea-surfwear Instagram: josea_surfwear

It’s the moment just before the jump, when the heart beats faster, taking in the wave, the wind, the leap or the drop. It’s that exact moment when you’re pumped full adrenaline and you have the most confidence in yourself; as well as the bikini you are wearing. Whether you’re kitesurfing, surfing, doing beach volleyball or yoga, Josea Surfwear helps to make your experience a special one.


What’s Josea Surfwear all about?
It’s a bikini label that is designed to fulfil the needs of ocean activities. To avoid losing your bikini in the crucial, active moment, the surf bikinis fit like sports bras to give maximum support when riding waves. Special rubbers ensure the perfect fit without any pressure marks, and a two-layer process guarantees additional support. Besides comfort, function and acknowledging trends, Josea Surfwear provides these components whilst also being sustainable.

Who are the bikinis aimed at?
Those who love what they do, follow their passion and take a risk. Those who can’t sleep because the idea of waters, waves and the perfect moment on the water keeps them awake. The brand is for strong women who are addicted to the ocean and passionate about surfing, nature and sustainability.

What is the top selling style?
We avoid old-school surfer shorts and triangle bikinis, and instead focus on surf bikinis that look and fit like sports bras. We cover cup sizes A-D, and they have all have been tested and designed by passionate surfers from all over the world.

Are the bikinis eco-friendly?
Made in Germany, Josea Surfwear is made sustainably, with love, and from recycled materials and old fishing nets. Recycled materials are the base for every single piece of the collection, and they are all sewn on demand so there is no waste.

Where do you get your print inspiration from? 

The water! All designs are characterised by a mix of watercolours and bright colours, creating a special surf accessory, with elements from the sea. For example turtles can be seen more frequently, as they are considered a symbol of good fortune in surfing circles.