For us, International Women’s Day marks a celebration of the fearless surfers who defy stereotypes and push the boundaries, who dare to chase their dreams with unwavering determination and who are raising the bar for other women to live a life with courage. Here’s our selection of surf films for International Women’s Day 2024. 


The Over 55’s Surfers

With more and more older women discovering surfing it was refreshing to see this film from Australia, ‘Taking Off”. Six Gold Coasters over the age of 55 years old, find their place in crowded surfing lineups while they also find themselves, be inspired!

Frankie Harrer

Surfer and mum, Frankie Harrer, travels the globe, balancing her time in the ocean and as a mother. In this film see Frankie chasing some of the world’s most heavy and intimidating waves, Pipeline and Teahupoo as the world’s most barrelled mum.

Talija Redgard

Life on the edge, Talija Redgard spent her adult life living out of her car from the age of 16 till the present day. Following her passion and love for the ocean surfing, fishing and exploring Australia, Talija’s a real frontier woman as you can see in her latest film Yowalla.

Yama and the Drive For Change

Gender equality in sport activist, Lucy Small produced a groundbreaking film last year with film maker Marie Meddings called Yama. It’s a cinematic short surf documentary that follows Lucy to Ghana to meet with a pioneering group of female surfers and skateboarders.

Siska Tasiripoula

Siska Tasiripoula, despite never seeing another woman surf, became the first female surfer of Mentawai. She is a true pioneer and rebel of surfing.

Hannah Dines

Despite her challenges, Hannah shows the unbreakable connection she has with the ocean and her goals to improve surfing at a base level for para-athletes in her film, Born to Move.

Hahnee Vail

Follow Tasmanian surfer Hahnee Vail discovering world class waves in Northern Mentawai islands in Madu, as she pushes herself outside of her comfort zone surfing big waves at Kandui.

Nique Miller

“I don’t think that we should all be the same, it’s beautiful to celebrate each one of us just the way we are.” Nique Miller breaking down stereotypes in this short edit for Billabong Women.