Words and photos by Laurie Newman

Feeling creative? Want to personalise your fins and give them a custom feel? Then why not jazz those fins up this spring with some colourful art. Just follow these simple steps and you too can have a funky set of fins.

You will need:

-Sanding block

-White spirit

-Clear lacquer

-Posca pens (or similar we sell Boardstix which are just as good)

-A set of plain fins

-Fin key

-Kitchen roll



1. First things first, remove your fins from your board as it is much easier to work on a flat surface than directly onto your board.

2. Once you have removed your fins you need to lightly sand them down on each side. Although this is not mandatory it prevents the paint from sliding off and gives it a greater lasting time.

3. When you have sanded down all the fins, you need to remove any shine from them. This can be done by dabbing a small amount of white spirit onto either an old cloth or some kitchen roll and then rubbing into all the fins.

4. Lightly pencil on your chosen design to the fins.

5. Before you use the pens make sure to shake the pens vigorously to start the paint flowing into the tip.

6. To avoid any paint running out onto your fins it’s best to test out the pen on a bit of scrap paper before using.

7. Colour in your design.

8. Once you have completed your design then allow the art to dry for at least 20 minutes before applying a thin layer of lacquer.

9. Spray the lacquer onto the fins from 10 cm away.

10. Repeats steps 9-10 at least 5 times. Adding lacquer to the fins prevents the paint from chipping when the board in in and out of the water.

11. Once fully dry you can then place your fins back onto your board and you are ready to go!

Top tip: Get some inspiration from Pinterest or Instagram before you start your designs. A lot of surfers Posca their boards too including, Felicty Palmateer, who has produced some stunning mandala designs.

Check out her Instagram: flickpalmateer

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