There’s no feeling quite like sitting on your favourite beach and watching perfect peeling waves roll in. Unfortunately most of us can’t spend every day doing that… One way of bringing that perfect beach surrounding back home though, is to make a seashell wind chime! It’s quick and simple to make and will be there to cheer you up on flat days.


What you’ll need:

Two sticks

Plastic string (or if you can find an alternative that would be good!)


Clear nail polish

Cross-head screwdriver



Mark along the two sticks where you’d like your shells to hang, and make holes by twisting the head of the screwdriver through the wood (ideally about four holes in each stick).

Fasten the two sticks together into a cross shape using some of the plastic string.

Cut different lengths of string depending on how many shells you want hanging from your wind chime, thread them through the holes in the sticks, then tie the string to the stick.

Paint a thin layer of clear nail polish to cover each shell and leave to dry. This will protect the shells and stop them from shattering.

Make a hole in each shell using the screwdriver, in the same way that you did for the sticks.

Thread the shells onto the string, making sure you tie a knot after each one to stop them from slipping down the string.

Tie some more string to the top, find a place to hang it up, then just close your eyes and listen to the sweet sound of the seaside!


Words and illustration by Caroline Nieuwenhuis