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Now we all love summer, especially surfers. There’s nothing better than slipping on your shortie for a toasty sea session, then ditching it for an post surf sunbathe. However, if you’re dedicated to the sport, you need to avoid being a seasonal surfer.

Points to consider:-

1. If you love it that much you couldn’t go half a year without it.

2. All your hard work and summer progression will go out the window and you will be back at the start the following year.


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There are some real pros to surfing all year round and although there are cons too (mainly it being rather nippy!) The pros definitely outweigh the cons.

Yes, it’s pretty chilly in the winter months in the UK and Europe, but that’s why winter suits, boots and hoods were invented. Get the right kit and you will be fine whatever the weather. If people have survived surfing Antarctica, I think it’s fair to say there is no excuse to choosing seasonal surfing based on cold weather.


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One great thing about surfing in the winter is that the hoards of tourists and many other seasonal surfers are watching TV inside with a cuppa, whilst you can be enjoying the swell with minimal lineup.


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I’m very aware that although winter can bring massive swells, it can also bring a lot of messy days. Days like these are perfect for working on your surfing fitness by doing cardiovascular training and specific strength training to improve your riding. One great way to train by improving balance is to get an Indo Board.


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If winter surfing in the UK or Europe really is too cold for you, then there are many other ways to avoid not surfing for the whole season. Get saving and head over warmer seas to keep up your surf and also keep that tan topped up. Hawaii sea temperatures are rarely below 18 degrees all year round and the waves are always pumping, especially in the winter months. Obviously if you’re an intermediate surfer though, 30 footers may be a little out of your comfort zone; however Autumn and Spring also provide a tamer alternate, usually supplying slightly smaller waves so look into that too!


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Go forth and take the plunge!