After an early start in Australia during the Roxy Pro Gold Coast and a journey in Asia, the 2016 #ROXYFITNESS tour is on its way to Europe and Americas.

A global outdoor & fitness initiative, the #ROXYFITNESS tour was created by ROXY to give inspired females an opportunity to combine dynamic exercise with a shared, good vibe-filled experience. Bringing together thousands of girls from all over the planet, the #ROXYFITNESS tour is about life-loving girls sharing a unique experience that combines YOGA, RUNNING and STAND UP PADDLE in one awesomely empowering all-day event.


On Saturday, June 25 and Sunday, June 26, ROXY will continue its 2016 #ROXYFITNESS tour simultaneously with two events on idyllic beachfront locations across the globe: Oahu Island in Hawaii and Marseille, France.

From one side of the globe to the other, Pacific Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, a borderless community of girls will share the same life-affirming experience, both set in equally idyllic natural surroundings.

Wherever you’re from, all girls are welcome to check the schedule, join the nearest #ROXYFITNESS tour stop, enjoy an active day and have fun getting your heart rate up!


Joining thousands of inspired ladies in Hawaii and France, the following Roxy ambassadors will also be getting in on the action:
In Kawela Bay, Hawaii, you may meet up with Monyca Eleogram and Mainei Kinimaka
In Marseille, Rosy Hodge, Justine Mauvin and Torah Bright will join you!

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#ROXYFITNESS Day Programme:

Each tour stop has an identical all-inclusive fitness programme, open to all women.
To take part in one, two or even three of our activity days, go to:

① 1 hour Yoga Master Class on the beach

② 6 km Run

③ 2 km Stand Up Paddle race


2016 #ROXYFITNESS Tour Agenda

June 25th – Oahu, Hawaii
June 26th – Marseille, France
July 3rd – Biarritz, France
July 16th – Newquay, England
August 7th – San Sebastian, Spain
August 13th – Huntington Beach, California
September 4th – Ouddorp, Netherlands
September 10th – Tarifa, Spain
September 17th – Queenstown, New Zealand
October 9th – Hossegor, France
(during the Quiksilver & Roxy Pro France)

And also: Toronto, Canada at the end of August and Rio, Brazil in October.

Get info & sign up: