Photo: Rip Curl Women/Surf Revival 

We could have written an article listing the world’s most influential surfers of all time, an article hailing the achievements of individual surfers or industry leaders; but we didnt want to celebrate the few. We wanted to celebrate all of you, every single one of you! We wanted our International Womens Day celebrations to focus on all-female surfers. Every woman of the ocean.

Arugum Bay Surf Club. From the book Surf Like a Girl, photo by Max Gifted

The women who push the boundaries of the sport, women who spend their weekends hunting waves or dedicate their time to teaching the next generation how to ride the waves. The professionals, the amateurs and everyone in between. The tiny wave connoisseurs the chargers and the ones who favour the perfectdays.

Learning to surf at the UK’s newest wave pool, The Wave, Bristol. Photo: Image Cabin

Future world champion, 18 year-old Caroline Marks. Photo: Red Bull

Boom! World champion, Carissa Moore. Photo Ryan Miller/Red Bull

Irish surfer Grace Doyle taking on a big one at Bank Vaults. Photo Kandui Resort

Together you have all done so much for the sport, and we cannot thank you enough. You push the boundaries, break down the barriers for upcoming budding surfers, and its not been easy. Women have had to fight for Womens Surfingto be taken seriously; its been a battle to get the representation the sport deserves. There is still so much more than can be done, but women in surfing have come a long way, and we want to celebrate that.

The North Sea Surf Sistesrs, Belgium. 

UK surfer Peony Knight, winter in Portugal. Photo: O’Neill/Jens Scheibe

Assistant Ed Corinne Evans in California. 

If youre reading this and you’re just beginning your surfing journey dont give up. Its a hard sport to master, but once you get bitten by the bug, you wont be able to stop. If someone tells you youre never going to be any good, prove them wrong. If you get pounded by the waves and struggle to catch anything, keep trying. You are now in the most awesome club in the worlds, the womens surf club. You are part of the sisterhood, with a mutual love of the ocean and the waves that she creates.

Tiara Jones

Shout about how epic female surfers are, show support in the line-up and champion each others achievements. Do not see another woman out in the water as your competition; she is your equal, and so are the men. We are all equals in surfing and life.