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Gul’s Viper Blindstitch Bolt Dry wetsuit combines exclusive RS-Flex MK2 neoprene with Bolt Dry X-Flex thermal insulation, razor-thin liquid seam weld and Quadrate horizontal chest-zip entry. Lighter, warmer, more insulating and quick drying with improved Revo technology, the Viper is the latest wetsuit from the cold-water specialists and leaders in innovation for over
50 years.

5/4mm, £250

Response FX

Gul’s bestseller, the Response FX Blindstitched wetsuit, uses Gul’s 150% stretch neoprene and thermal linings. Whether you prefer a chest zip for flexibility or back zip for easy entry, the Response FX delivers. The back zip version also features Gul’s UBS backup system to keep the water out.

5/4mm, £150


The Gul Response range is long lasting, durable and flexible. The perfect combination of value for money and performance, it’s constructed with blindstitched seams and all over super stretch, meeting all the requirements for the all-round watersports enthusiast.

5/3mm, £130