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GlideSoul is the only water-wear brand designed specifically for women, by women who want to help you to lead an active lifestyle and inspire individuality. Whether you’re swimming, SUP’ing, surfing or sipping cocktails beside a rooftop pool, GlideSoul water-wear is crafted from luxury neoprene that shapes and supports the body, creating a flawless silhouette and giving you total body confidence. With its HQ in London, GlideSoul has offices and retailers around the world.


Is there a key colour and style you focusing on for this summer?

The new collection 74 is inspired by the aesthetics of the Olympic games of the 70-80s, the time of active popularisation of sport as a lifestyle. Wetsuit shapes and graphics are inspired by the Olympic teams uniforms, and the colours reflect the classic sportswear combinations that were popular at this time.

What type of holiday is the perfect setting for a GlideSoul bikini or one-piece?
A GlideSoul one-piece is the perfect attire for dawn patrol surfs in tropical destinations such as Sri Lanka. It takes the edge of the early morning temperatures, and when the sun rises it offers enough coverage to protect you from the scorching rays.

What is ‘water-wear’?
Ultramodern properties merged with high quality sports materials and technologies. We correspond to fashion trends of the season whilst simultaneously meeting all the requirements for active water sports.

What is the inspiration behind the GlideSoul brand?
We live for the city life and to get out on the water. GlideSoul waterwear liberates you from putting on the same wetsuit day-after-day and gives you choices that are as vibrant and exciting as you are. We want to inspire individually and help woman to lead an active life and express who they are.