Images and words by Roxy

Prepare to become an expert in the enviable skill of fishtail braids with Kelia’s easy How To video and step-by-step snaps (it’s so much easier than you think!)

Step 1: Brush or comb you hair to remove any knots and then gather hair into a low pony and separate into two even sections.


Step 2: Take a small section of hair from the outer edge and cross it over to the opposite side.


Step 3: Then repeat the process for the other side so the two small strands are crossing in the middle.


Step 4: Continue overlapping hair making sure to keep the strands even from each side so your braid is consistent.


Step 5: You can keep going all the way to the ends or like Monyca, finish approximately ¾ of the way to the bottom. Once you have woven your hair to your finishing point, secure with a hair tie or clip.


Step 6: For a beachy twist, gently pull on each side of the braid to loosen the weave.


And viola! Beautiful beach braid in less than five minutes.


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