Words Corinne Evans

In a world where social media seems to be taking over and everyone wants to share only the best and maybe slightly airbrushed parts of their lives we thought we would get real for a minute and talk about how surfing REALLY is for women!

Let’s start with wetsuits

If you’re surfing anywhere the water’s cold you’re going to need to wear one. Some people feel self conscious about wearing a wetsuit; if you’re of these people its time to stop these silly worries! Don’t waste your time worrying about what people will think you look like, just get your wetsuit on and hit the surf.

Surf hair, don’t care

So what you look like you’ve been dragged through a bush backwards! Just found a bit of seaweed in your hair? Great, that’s just a little memento to take home with you from the surf. We all need to accept our hair gets messy when we surf but after catching loads of waves you’ll be too stoked to notice your hair is full of knots.


Salty eyebrows all the way

Summer means more water time, which also can result in lovely salty crusty eyebrows. Let’s embrace them ladies! Just be careful not to rub your eyes too much after surfing or you’ll end up with salt in your eyes and boy does that sting!

Ditch the make up

Ladies don’t spend time trying to do your make up before you surf, embrace the no make up look and let your skin breathe. No one looks good with mascara half way down their face. 

We love wipeouts

We’ve all wiped out out – even the pro surfers fall off from time to time. Don’t get embarrassed; it’s a big part of surfing. There’s not need to feel self conscious if you fall off in front of people. Surfers are only concerned with one thing when they’re in the water and that’s catching waves. They don’t have time to point at laugh at your wipeouts.

Image:Paige Alms takes a wipeout, even experienced surfers do from time to time.

Don’t let your insecurities get the better of you!

If you want to learn to surf DO IT! Don’t let the fear of embracement stop you from trying something new. We all had to start somewhere and there’s no better time to start than now, you’ll feel so proud of yourself for giving it a go. Be confident and believe in yourself!