Flick, where did you grow up and what’s it like there?

I grew up in Margaret River, Western Australia. It’s a small country/coastal town about three hours south of Perth. That’s also where I learnt to surf so I have a lot of fond memories there too.

When did you first start surfing and what do you love about surfing?
I started surfing when I was around six years old. I guess I fell in love with the ocean and the way it changes everyday. Also my Dad surfed and I just wanted to be like him.

Where are your favourite places to visit in the world and why are they so special?
Moorea, Tahiti – It’s so incredibly beautiful there, crystal clear water, amazing waves and beautiful mountains.
Hawaii – I love Hawaii, especially after all the contests! You still get really fun swells but with not too many people around. Also I love poke (sashimi fish with this special marinade) delicious!
Western Australia – There’s no place like home! Friends, family, good memories!

FLick3 FLick4

If you couldn’t surf for a living, what would you be doing right now?
Wishing that I was a professional surfer ha ha! No I probably be a full time artist.

What inspires your artwork and how would you describe your style?
The ocean is a huge inspiration throughout al of my artwork. The medium that I like to paint the most with is inks/watercolours because I think that they best translate the fluidity of the ocean. My Dad and Mum are also massive inspirations for me. My Dad is a really talented artist and my Mum studied fashion design so art was always encouraged growing up.

Felicity Palmateer draws a mandala onto her Channel Islands surfboard.

FlickArt1 FlickArt3
Flick’s artworks on Tumblr felicitypalmateer.tumblr.com

How involved are you in marine conservation?
I’m really passionate about all conservation but marine conservation in particular because I spend as lot of my time in the ocean. I’m an ambassador for the Marine Stewardship Council which is governing body for sustainable seafood. The last two years on June 8th which is World Oceans Day I combined two of my passions art and conservation and painted a big mural down at Bondi Beach in Sydney. Both murals I made vlogs on as well which you can watch on my YouTube channel – Flick Palmateer.

What one thing have you been most proud of?
I’m not really sure… Having my first solo art exhibition was definitely an amazing feeling. But I’d have to say being the first female to surf cow Bombie and now holding the record for biggest waves surfed by an Australian female is pretty special.

Describe your life right now in 5 words
Adventure, love, fun, creative, passion.


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