Get a cool summery festival vibe with Island Feathers. They’re easy to put in, keep in and they look awesome! We had a go with Island Feathers during the Waves and Workouts Weekends and loved them!


We just love these hair feathers, Claudia Albrecht launched her hair feather business in 2014 and has continued to grow, taking up a space at a variety of events, just like our Waves and Workouts event in July. Clipped in well they will stay in for as long as you want them in. Also removable if you wanted to a change of feathers to suit your beach outfit.


Island Feathers suit an outdoor adventurous lifestyle for free spirits like us surf girl’s. As a brand they continue a colourful journey of new discoveries and the creation of new products. They recognise that their customers love to explore and seek adventure – so no matter where you are in the world, wearing a beautiful hair feather will remind you of the free spirited, salty sea air feeling.

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