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Georgie, how’s it going in France?

France is amazing, it’s one of my favourite places! And luckily I’m here for 3months and I’m staying in the Volcom house with my brother Harry. I’m surfing in front of the Volcom house (Les Culs Nus), there are beach breaks all along but mostly I’m surfing Les Guardians. My favourite place to surf here is in Capbreton, a beach called Santosha. It’s so good for your surfing here as the waves are a lot more powerful which allow you to gain speed quickly, meaning that when you manoeuvre it feels easier and sharper.

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Who do you hang out with and what do you get up to when you’re not surfing?
I have a few friends here which I see in the surf, but on a day to day basis I hang around with the Volcom boys in the house. Hanging out with friends, sun bathing, cycling, skating and fitness training.

What’s on your summer soundtrack?
Biggie Smalls & Partynextdoor.

And are you on the croissants for breakfast/baguette for lunch diet or are you eating mega healthy?

I’m eating quite healthy, but I must admit you cannot come to France and not have croissants, baguettes & other french tasty treats.. they’re too good to miss!




What’s been the highpoint?

It has to be the day I trained with the Volcom team and Hurley groms. After the session Didier Piter from the Hurley Surf Centre and probably the best coach in Europe said to me “you were surfing really well and took some heats off the boys”.  It made my day as anyone will know how hard it is to get praise as his standards are so high.

Cool. So how would you describe your summer so far? 

Free, fun – the best ever!