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I have always wanted to photograph surfing in the water but putting my camera inside a water housing was a terrifying thought. A few months ago I decided I would rent a housing and bring it to Costa Rica with me to try it out.

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Considering the alternative outcome, to say I was nervous and scared would be an understatement. However, once I got into the water all the fear and nervousness turned into excitement and adrenaline. I found myself previewing some of the shots and showing the surfers out of excitement.

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I learned a lot while I was out there. First, it’s much easier and less tiring to swim around with flippers. Secondly, when I buy my own housing I’ll make sure there is access to change the exposure settings. Lastly, the closer you get the more fun it is! With that being said I think it’s really important for the photographer to know the ocean and surfing pretty well before they decide to swim out. 

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I definitely made a lot of mistakes, but I’m excited to get back in and improve. It was just way to fun out there! Costa Rica may have been my first time shooting in the water, but I’m positive it won’t be my last.

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