Introducing Island Feather, the new multi-purpose, stylish fitness wear brand.

Located a stone’s throw from the sea, Island Feather was founded in 2013 by Claudia Albrecht in Southsea, England. Inspired by her love for outdoor sports, natural beauty and helping others through her work with a national charity, Claudia developed Island Feather from a small market stall into an established sports and fitness wear company and lifestyle brand – developed specifically for women.

We caught up with Claudia to find out a bit more about the brand… 

Claudia, when did you start Island Feather? 

It was three years ago when I started selling hair feathers in and around Southsea and at summer festivals. As time went on I started designing jewellery and introducing other products from other designers to my stall. From designing jewellery, my aspirations grew and I started experimenting in designing sports and fitness clothing. I love outdoor sports (surfing, SUP & Wakeboarding) and my aim was to design high-quality multi-purpose products to cater outdoor sports, whilst offering style and appeal. Three years on, Island Feather is proud to be launching our Raw Coast sports and fitness clothing collection.

What’s Island Feather about?

At Island Feather our mission is to help you “Find your Freedom”. By creating high quality, multi-purpose, stylish sports and fitness wear – we aim to inspire you to live a healthy life, discover what makes you happy and look after one another.

Proud of being an independent brand, we believe in excellent customer care, outstanding ethical products and developing a sense of community for every woman joining the Island Feather journey with us.

What’s new for 2017?

This year we are launching the Raw Coast Collection which is inspired by our love for coastlines that boast raw ocean swells, weathered rock faces and fresh salty air. We are excited to have 13 items in the collection ranging from surf/ yoga leggings, run/board shorts, sports bras, sports bikinis to a 4:3 surf wetsuit and wakeboard/ kite surf impact vest.

We strive to ensure our products are fit for purpose, high quality, offer style and appeal and this was also crucial when developing the new collection. We are proud to use high quality fabric technologies in our products to ensure our customers feel comfortable and there are no barriers from performing in their sports.

What gets you stoked on life?

I love to travel and explore different cultures and learn from people I meet along the way. I am inspired by natural beauty and some of my most favourite spots are destinations where time seems to stop and environments that provide me with the feeling of total escapism.

Life for me is about balance, from taking the time to chill and relax with yoga or stand up paddle boarding to wakeboarding, surfing, snowboarding. I love sports that allow me to spend time outdoors preferably in the ocean or at the top of a mountain with a board under my feet, bringing together sports and the outdoors.

About Island Feather – “Find Your freedom”:

“Find your freedom” is their Social Impact programme which aims to support and unite women to find what makes them happy and healthy. Island Feather have partnered with local businesses and nonprofit organisations to enable access to the participation and accessibility of sports, fitness, health and wellbeing activities. Through these activities we will promote their core values and philosophy, whilst maintaining a primary focus on creating a community and collective impact to help us achieve our mission and help you achieve yours.

Where to find Island Feather products: 

Island Feather have just launched our new website alongside the launch of the new Raw Coast Collection. Keep in touch via social media channels and blog for more about the new collection coming soon. See Island Feather at local and national events such as: Be Fit London, Southsea Fitness Festival, Gold Coast Festival and Boardmasters.

To view the brand new Island Feather collection, head to 

For further information get in touch at [email protected] and don’t forget to check the brand out on social media: