Dominique MillerWaikiki, Hawaii

Feeling confident in the surf is something not everyone experiences. For some surfers, it can be the complete opposite and in some cases can hinder them from doing the thing that they love …surf. If you’re reading this and worrying that your lack of confidence in the water is going to stop you riding waves, then fear not. Confidence, in the surf, can and will be developed over time.

Here’s what Dominique Miller has to say on feeling empowered in the surf.

I think I am always gaining my surf confidence. When I was younger I don’t think I really realized if I was confident or not, I knew I wasn’t that good, but I knew thru hard work and determination I would get better and that I could be as good anyone out in the lineup. It wasn’t really until I started doing contests did I find that confidence started to play a role in whether or not I did well. I found that I got really nervous and had a hard time surfing in contests as I do in free surfs. So I have been working on that a lot, trying to cope with the pressure and expectations. Outside of contests, I feel pretty confident in the water! Especially the more I travel and surf waves all over the world.

When travelling you never know what to expect and each location has a different wave set up or beach location, and I always get timid my first time going out in a new place, but once I do and have a successful surf sesh I feel really good about going out the next time in the new area. This really helps me when I go home or other places because I learn to get used to that fear of the unknown and really cherish moments of being able to surf in a new area for the first time. I really enjoy travelling and surfing new areas now. 

I use only to want to surf Waikiki, but now I want to push myself and surf all over! I definitely have moments when I feel nervous. I honestly I bite my nails a lot something I’m trying to work on, but outside of that, I try to take deep breaths before I go out and tell myself no matter what to at least catch one wave. I usually get more nervous in bigger waves. And the more and more I go out and face my fears, the more and more confidence I get!

The more and more you surf the more confidence you get. I try to surf every day twice a day if I can. I go out when it’s small, big, windy, calm, high tide, low tide because in contests you never know when your heart will be, and it’s important to be able to surf in all those conditions. If you don’t do contests, I still think it’s a good skill to be able to surf in whatever condition because you might only have time to surf when the waves are crappy and not perfect. I also believe it makes you stronger and more ocean savvy.

My top 3 tips to feel like a queen while surfing.

  • Wear a bikini or bikini brand that make you feel pretty and strong

  • Surf waves to your ability

  • Have fun and smile surfing is all about the love and passion for the ocean so enjoy it while you are out there!