This week, travel bracelet brand El Camino launches its new collection of Ocean Steps with a line of glass beads representing the five world oceans – Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and Southern Ocean. Taking you on a journey around the world, El Camino is a fantastic bracelet concept that captures those all-important travel experiences to form a collection of memories that can be worn around your wrist.

The range of Ocean Steps allows you to add an exciting new chapter to your story and remember those special moments you have created across the globe.

Atlantic Ocean

Arctic Ocean

Indian Ocean

Pacific Ocean

Southern Ocean

Here is how you can build your El Camino bracelet to showcase the path you have travelled:

  1. Each El Camino starts with a handmade bracelet constructed from four strong, woven cords. With two styles to pick from, double and single, the bracelet cords are available in a variety of sizes and four colour options.
  2. Choose from a selection of Country Steps – stainless steel beads featuring the names of different countries and Small Steps – stainless steel beads featuring the names of islands, cities and landmarks.
  3. Next, pick from the range of Region Steps – 12 handmade coloured glass beads representing the continents; and the new line of Ocean Steps – five hand-designed glass beads representing the world oceans.
  4. Each bracelet is then finished with coconut spacing beads and is fastened by a polished stainless-steel clasp featuring the El Camino logo.
  5. El Camino also offer custom engraving should you want to create a unique caption or personal message. 

In early November, El Camino will also launch three new stainless-steel Stoppers individually representing a wave, a mountain and an arrow. Each bead will have a grip like function allowing you to separate the Steps on your bracelet cord.

El Camino was started in 2013 by Candace Kellough and Tom Lane. The brand is based in Newquay, Cornwall and prides itself on the use of high-quality materials and the implementation of sustainable production methods. Every El Camino bracelet is lovingly handmade, and all products are ethically sourced.

An El Camino Bracelet makes the perfect gift for someone off on their travels or a fantastic treat for yourself. El Camino is available exclusively online.

Did you know that El Camino means ‘the way’ or ‘the route’ in Spanish?