Being an entrepreneur myself I understand the passion involved in making your dreams come true. A few years ago I was sat on a beach in Costa Rica having just had the surf of my life and thinking wow this is the life, I can do this forever. As the weeks went by I was still stoked on how much my surfing was improving and the adventures I was experiencing but after a while I had a real sense of feeling lost. By the end of the trip I came back to the UK with the burning desire to discover my dreams and live them!

I have always been passionate about swimwear since I was 16. As soon as I received my first pay check I went straight to my local Roxy shop and purchased my first ever Roxy bikini! I remember for months and months deciding which was the perfect print and cut as I could only afford one! For years I would buy a bikini with every paycheque and dream of the summer and adventures I would have wearing them (I have hundreds!)I remember just before going to Costa Rica, trying to track down a bikini which Alana Blanchard would wear! Being a confident active women I was looking for a bikini to show off that extra bit of skin in a Hawaiian cut, there wasn’t anything desirable on the UK market, and I had to buy my bikinis overseas which was very expensive.


Roxy which I still love to this day, is amazing but I wanted a unique brand that was based in the UK which offered awesome high cut bikinis. So when I got back from Costa Rica, I thought I have obsessed over bikinis all these years why don’t I create a brand that I want and need! This is how Zennor Bikini was born!

After a year of researching I decided to take a leap of faith to invest all my savings and time into launching Zennor Bikini last year, which is the hardest and best thing I have done to date! I no longer feel lost and I have something I am so passionate about! Not to mention making so many UK and International girls happy with my awesome bikinis! My work is my dream and I would say to anyone thinking of starting up a business or living their dream is to knock down all those fears and barriers and just do it. You only live once.

Davina’s Mermaid Collection is an array of beautiful fun prints inspired by the ocean with cheeky reversible Brazilian and Hawaiian inspired designs. A real must have for any beach lounger or ocean lover!

Look out for her new collection coming this spring. Zennor Bikini will definitely inspire you to stick to your summer body workout plans. Start your squats now!

To check out Zennor Bikini’s stunning Mermaid Collection check out www.zennorbikini.com