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One of the best things we can do for the planet is to cut down on consumption and get more use out of our stuff we already own. From repairing broken zips, to fixing tears, Patagonia are making it easier than ever to repair your gear.

We talk to Surf Activist Lea Brassy about the latest European Worn Wear Tour.

Lea, can you explain what the Worn Wear Tour is about please?
The Worn Wear Tour is about repairing our existing gear, wether it is wetsuits, technical or casual. We want to extend the lifetime of people’s gear to postpone buying a new one. And to invite to make a more environmental and social responsible choice when it comes to buying a new piece.

Where did the Tour go this year and what was the reception like?
This Fall, the Tour happened in Western France, and was focused on surfing. It started in La Torche in Bretagne to finish in Biarritz. Our Tiny house hosts the repair facilities. We also had a test rack of Yulex Regulator Wetsuits for men and women, it is the upgraded version of our neoprene-free Wetsuits. 

To end the day, we had an event about our Ocean Campaign, screening short films, presenting our campaign and our call to action (Immediate banning of bottom trawling in Marine Protected Areas and inshore zones).

How important is it to raise awareness of repairing, rather than throwing old clothes away?
It is common sense that we seem to have lost with the plentifulness of our society. This value has always been the norm until not so long ago, and we are simply bringing it back to fashion.

How does this help the environment?
The most sustainable product is the one we don’t make. As simple as that.

What’s the best thing you’ve repaired?
I got a brand new pair of jeans repaired, so instead of an ugly hole, I got a poetic heart patch.

If people can’t get to a repair location, what are your tips on starting to repair clothes?

People can send Patagonia gear to a repair facility via the website and it’s (almost) always free of charge. It’s worst trying this first.

For other situations, there are tutorials on internet with some surprisingly simple options.

There are also sewing workshops in every town.

And grandmas have an amazing knowledge to share on these skills.

If It’s Broke, Fix It.  

Let’s make things that last longer. Patagonia are making it as easy as possible to repair your gear. Go here to find out how their online Product Repair Centre works.

DIY Repair Guides
If you can do it yourself, here’s some clear instructions for people who like to get things working again.

London Repair Center
Patagonia have set up a new London Repair Center find out more here.

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