It’s great that you can now look into the lineup and see more than just black wetsuits and white boards.

It’s all about colour in surfing right now. The last time surfers donned this much fluorescent neoprene was in the 80’s when it was teamed up with big hair and single fin boards.

After that radical era we have spent a long couple of decades (apart from occasional blue or red arms) preferring the typical English understated black and basic look. Whilst black is probably slimming and easy to hide in a line-up of the same attire I definitely love that we are brightening up again.

Wetsuits, surfboards, board shorts bikinis and surfing accessories are all getting involved and brightening up their recent ranges. You can even buy coloured surf wax!

You can see this for yourself be just flicking through the pages of SurfGirl and checking out the pictures on instagram/Facebook/Twitter.

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