Robbie Dark / Morning Ritual

The sea covers three-quarters of the planet and has inspired a myriad of artists with it’s beauty.

The open expanse of the horizon of the ocean reflects an endless vista, an empty canvas, a fresh roll of film or a blank memory card, a starting point for artists and photographers at Tide Studio, an art and photography print platform with a conscience. Many artists find a sense of inspiration and refuge in the landscapes of our oceans with their ever changing colours,moods and the feeling that in that distance blue, that connects us all, lay new opportunities and inspirations. Tide Studios showcases work which is all curated around the ocean, with limited edition prints from fine artists such as John Zabawa and Alice Quaresma and photographers Robbie Dark and Joel Redman, giving like minded collectors the opportunity to purchase a limited edition print whilst benefiting a charity. In Tide Studio’s case their heart lies with Cornwall based ocean charity Surfers Against Sewage, which they donate 10% of every print sale to the charity’s cause.

Some of Tide’s artists share with us what the ocean means to them.



Akila Berjaoui

Tamer Animals

Etre Britta

Rhythms of Nature III

Alice Quaresma


“The ocean has an emotional sense of calm and an expanse that I’m constantly drawn too, having been brought up in Cape Town surrounded by the water it’s something that I often feel the urge to seek out now living in the UK.” – Joel Redman

Joel Redman

Surfers California



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