Plans to build a Wavegarden Cove wave park in California´s Coachella Valley received unanimous approval from the City of Palm Desert.

This project is the first of many new Wavegardens planned for the Americas, consolidating Wavegarden´s leadership in the surf park sector.
Promoters Desert Wave Ventures and Beach Street Development are behind this innovative surf resort featuring North America’s first Wavegarden Cove, a 4 Diamond hotel, villas with views of the waves, restaurants, and beach club.

DSRT Surf is slated to be the first Wavegarden Cove surf park built in the United States of America after plans were unanimously approved by the City of Palm Desert in the Coachella Valley. Wavegarden´s technology will comprise a 52-module wave generator and a fully integrated surfing lagoon.

DSRT Surf is implementing a unique “turf for surf” program to offset all surf lagoon water use by converting 20 acres of turf on the adjacent golf courses to drought tolerant landscaping. The surf program will use the same amount of water as the golf course area being removed, making it a “net zero” water consumption operation.

On top of world-class waves, the resort will also feature a 92 room hotel, 83 residential villas with water views, a beach club and spa, together with pickleball courts, a pump track, restaurants and bars.

According to the development plans, construction on the surfing lagoon will soon commence and completion is scheduled for the end of 2023.