photos courtesy Megan Hemsworth unless stated otherwise

A campaign that encourages women to empower and inspire each other is right up our street and the Roxy ‘Make Waves. Moves Mountains’ campaign does just that. Promoting a message of strength and support and encouraging women from around the world to be confident in knowing who you are, what you like and what you want.

From Southern California to Snapper Rocks and Fukuoka to France, the Roxy team are on tour to spread the MWMM message and as part of the tour, hit Boardmasters festival in Cornwall. Here SurfGirl managed to grab some time (and a local Cornish cider) with Monyca Eleogram and Bruna Schmitz to chat about life on the road, yoga, Roxy and surfing. Here’s what they had to say…

Instagram @monycaeleogram | Age 28 | Hometown: Hana, Hawaii

What does it mean to be a Roxy Girl?
Being a Roxy girl is being a part of a sister-hood, a bunch of like minded women who just want to have fun, surf, support one another and be stoked.

How did all start for you?
It all started in my home town, I started surfing with my friends and fell in love with it. I started competing really young and when I got a little bit older, I realised that I wanted to surf not necessarily competitively but more for fun. I got picked up by Roxy and started travelling with the Roxy girls… from there I made lifelong friendships and today we surf, have a good time, travel and make videos together.

You have been a Roxy Girl for 6 + years, have you noticed any changes in the industry during this time?
Yes there’s a lot more free surfing now than when I first started out. It used to be just competitive girls but now there’s a new segment of free-surfers and women that are just surfing to have fun and love to ride any board. When we grew up we felt more isolated to a short board and an environment that was all about competitive surf but now I feel really comfortable riding whatever I want and embracing my own style on a lot of different boards. It’s really rad for me because I didn’t’ have that until I was an adult.

Are you on the road a lot? Any routines you stick to when on the road?
I’m on the road quite a bit, at least once a month. I don’t have any routines I stick to but I do try to embrace each place I visit, do as the locals do and do something that is really traditional to the culture I am visiting. For example whilst in England, I really want to have an afternoon tea!

What is your favourite type of waves?
I prefer short boarding but I do love long boarding when the waves are a little bit smaller. My preference is a right hand, point break, 3ft. Like in Mexico!

Hawaii is the top place in the world surfers aspire to visit, what was it like growing up there?
It was just wonderful. I had a lot of freedom as a kid and as a teenager, I would just hitchhike to go surfing and spend all day at the beach. I think the key word to my childhood and teenage years is ‘freedom’ and I think that’s what made it so awesome, the ability to be able to grow up in such a safe place and safe neighbourhood, where I could do as I pleased.

You are such a role model to surf girls but who do you look up to?
I look up to so many girls. Basically everyone on Roxy because they are all so inspirational and lovely. Outside of that, before I joined Roxy I was on another team with a bunch of girls who are all on the CT now and I still look up to them because they are putting their everything into their competition and trying to balance living their life, competing and being on the road with making time for families and loved ones. I really look up to them for putting everything they have into reaching their goals.

When you’re not on the road with Roxy, what do you do at home?
Along with surfing, I spend a lot of time on the farm with my husband, taking care of the house and the property. I have a nice big property so most of the family dinners and get-togethers are at ours. Lots of BBQs, getting together with family and spending time with my loved ones.


What do you think to Cornwall?
I’m loving Cornwall, it’s really scenic and the ocean is so clear. We visited one of the beaches near Fistral yesterday and a little seal popped up! The ocean was just so clear – I wasn’t expecting that and I am really amazed by the beauty of the area.

Favourite thing someone could call you – e.g. a good surfer, free spirit an eco-warrior?
I want to be fun, I want to be someone others want to be around because I bring a little bit of light to their life.

Instagram @brunaschmitz | Age: 28  | Hometown: Matinhos, Brazil

Do you enjoy yoga and do you practise regularly?
Yes, I love yoga. I live in Los Angeles now which its a super busy area and you can get caught up in all the stress, running around and being crazy. I took up yoga about two years ago because I really liked the calmness that it brought to myself and I do believe that it’s a healing practise, it’s a lot about your mind and soul. There’s a lot more to it than people are seeing which I am now experiencing and I know that I will do yoga for the rest of my life.

What’s your favourite wave?
I have a lot of favourite waves but but I think my preference is islands, I love tropical warm water and I love surfing in a bathing suit. I love the easiness of popping a bathing suit on and running into the water and being warm, getting a tan whilst surfing and having a good time. I really like reef point breaks because I think the best waves are there. So I would say Fiji and Indonesia.

How did you get in to surfing?
I got into surfing because of my older brother. I am from a really really small town in Brazil and there was not much to do but go to the beach so that was something me, my sister and friends did on a daily basis – go to the beach and be in the water. But my brother got into surfing so he signed me and my sister into a summer surf school. We did it together and although she gave up, I just couldn’t stop doing it. I fell in love, I was obsessed with it and that’s how it all started.

Born in Brazil but moved to the US in 2013 – where is your home today?
I live LA in Redondo Beach with my husband and that’s my home now. But I love where I’m from, my whole family is still in Brazil and I try to go back as much as possible.

Favourite trip you have been on with Roxy?
Oh my gosh we have been on a lot of trips and I remember every single one of them. It would be hard to pick one but I would say Hawaii, Seychelles and Fiji were all special. My favourite though was Big Sur in California because it was one of the very first trips that me, Monyca and Kelia (Moniz) gave ourselves the ‘Three Amigos’ name. At that point although we knew each other, we weren’t really good friends but we were sent on the trip together were just instantly obsessed with each other and that’s where our friendship started and we have been best friends since. It was a really special trip and one that I will always hold in my heart.

Travelling item you can’t live without?
I’m a crazy packer and travel with all kinds of things – speakers, curling tongs and my beauty bag is ridiculous as I have one of everything in there. But my number one item is sunscreen – without it I would be pretty bummed!