Day broke on Saturday with an event village at Perranporth greeting the surfers, filled with sponsors, a skate ramp, sports massage services and even some live DJ’s thrown in for the entertainment. Small clean surfed arrived just as ordered and a fantastic day of surfing kicked off. Two peaks ran throughout the day, a break to avoid the close out low tide waves saw the event run into the twilight hours. The surfers took the day to showcase their well drilled skills developed over a winter of waves and left the judges and spectators well assured that English surfing was in a great place.

Sunday morning was one for the contest directors broad shoulders to come into force, staring down the barrel of a morning of pumping waves, a fairly guaranteed afternoon of heavy onshore waves and a total write off of a Monday, the call came through to triple peak the event. A rare and last resort scenario, the race was on to complete the event by mid-afternoon to avoid the worsening conditions and the extreme low tides. The surfers took to the challenge with incredible tenacity, with both male and female, short and long boarders battling out in the 5-6ft wave’s competition was electric. The rain poured unforgivingly and the wind blew, but the desire to be a champion was motivation enough to rise above it.

As competition came to a climax, the strong rip currents tested the fitness of all but results in all nineteen divisions were established and competition came to a close 24hrs earlier than originally planned. One by one the finalists were called to the front of the appreciating crowd and results announced, surfers learning their final positions and claiming their awards.


Jolly Brown Womens Open (picture above)
1 Lucy Campbell
2 Emily Currie
3 Ellen Harding
4 Peony Knight

Gul Womens Open Longboard
1 Emily Currie
2 Jenny Brian
3 Beth Leighfield
4 Samantha Raine

110% Surfing Techniques Under 12 Girls
1 Tegan Blackford
2 Lauren Sandland
3 Belle Betteridge
4 Eva Blackford

Gul Girls Longboard (Under 18) (picture above)
1 Beth Leighfield
2 Rosie O’Neill
3 Mischa Maguire
4 Tegan Blackford

O’Neill Under 14 Girls (picture above)
1 Bonita Whitelock
2 Asha Sykes
3 Maisy New

O’Neill Under 16 Girls
1 Amy Dyer
2 Lily Mandeville
3 Francesca Sayer
4 Holly Thomson

O’Neill Under 18 Girls
1 Tilly Theobald
2 Sascha Roberts
3 Mischa Maguire
4 Rosie O’Neill
5 Jess Knight

Womens Masters
1 Ingrid Morrison
2 Rachael Taylor
3 Andrea Lawrence
4 Jenny Butt

Womens Seniors
1 Hannah Harding
2 Jennifer Pendlebury
3 Tehillah Mcguinness
3 Tina Beresford
5 October Hamlyn-Wright
5 Jessie Tuckman

Thank you to our event partners: Caravan & Motorhome Club – Korev lager – Dryrobe – GoPro – Jeep – Surfdome – Billabong – Jolly Brown – Carve Visionaries – O’Neill Wetsuits: International surf brand – Gul – Pacsafe – 110% Surfing Techniques – Red Bull – The Watering Hole

Surfing England would like to thank all of the surfers, supports and spectators for their commitment and attendance throughout the event, the sponsors for their amazing contributions to the event and the staff for its successful operation.

With so many thousands of social media views and front page of the Times newspaper, the interest in English surfing is epic to see and we look forward to delivering more and more in the times to come.