lucy-and-ppeonyAnother day in Morocco. Another relaxed call for the Roxy Pro Casablanca comp at 9:30. Another epic breakfast of omelette pancake slash crumpet things and strong as hell coffee.

Today the Brit crew got to surf again (I missed Lucy Campbell and Peony Knight going through their round one heats as was sat in Heathrow when that was happening) and it was a game of two halves.

During the heat before our slice of Casablanca beachy was looking fun as hell, the higher tide had shifted things on to a super fun, running left which was smashable as hell. Of course come the Brit girls heat things went weird and wobbly and backy offy.


Short version: after a slow start Peony got two long belters and won the heat. Lucy picked some likely looking lumps of Atlantic that then proceeded to shrug and do the backing off thing and ended up getting knocked out. Such is the way of contests.

Plus side is Peony is now in to the woman v woman quarters tomorrow where she’ll take on Kiwi Ella Williams. Which is cool. 

Justine Dupont and Pauline Ado are still in the mix and looking lethal. Whoever finishes in front takes the European QS title so it’s game on…


Heat 1: Pauline Ado (FRA) 13.66, Ella Williams (NZL) 13.30, Bailey Nagy (HAW) 11.36, Garazi Sanchez-Ortun (EUK) 10.00

Heat 2: Peony Knight (GBR) 9.60, Freya Prumm (AUS) 8.73, Lucia Martiño (ESP) 8.40, Lucy Campbell (GBR) 4.20

Heat 3: Justine Dupont (FRA) 13.27, Melanie Giunta (PER) 10.84, Claire Bevilacqua (AUS) 9.50, Ashlee Spence (AUS) 8.27

Heat 4: Ainara Aymat (EUK) 10.00, Carol Henrique (PRT) 8.46, Camilla Kemp (PRT) 7.86, Tessa Thyssen (BLM) 6.86


QF 1: Pauline Ado (FRA) vs. Freya Prumm (AUS) 

QF 2: Ella Williams (NZL) vs. Peony Knight (GBR) 

QF 3: Justine Dupont (FRA) vs. Carol Henrique (PRT) 

QF 4: Melanie Giunta (PER) vs. Ainara Aymat (EUK) 

The Quiksilver & Roxy Pro Casablanca are scheduled from September 13-18, 2016 at ANFAPLACE Shopping Center, Casablanca – Morocco. Go to for highlights.