After last week’s Mellow Movie Night we’re upping the intensity stakes this week and focussing on the surfers who are risking it all, whether they’re riding barreling reefs or tackling intense slabs. It’s definitely not an activity for the faint-hearted. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the Brave Heart Movie Night collection, appreciating that you’re not the one taking on these daring adventures.

Coldwater Slabs of the Great North

Canadian surfer Mathea Olin isn’t just satisfied surfing the friendly waves of her hometown, she’s passionate about chasing the best barrels her beloved homeland has to offer. Traveling by boat and sleeping under tents, Mathea proves that when searching for perfection, the hard-yards always pay off. She finds exactly what she’s looking for with just the snow-capped mountains and a couple of Canada’s best surfers for company.

Get to know one of North America’s most underrated future surf stars are she strives to better herself in the frozen and rugged yet stunning land and seascapes of Canada.

Northern Rights

Northern Rights is a short film by Malcolm Anderson which follows Scottish local Phoebe Strachan exploring the wild and remote north coast of Scotland, surfing slabs during the winter months.

La Isla

Whether she’s charging in the Mentawais or ripping at her home town Canaries turf, this young Volcom surfer is turning heads for all the right reasons. With a surf-smorgasbord at her fingertips growing up, Laura now has her eyes on the big wave prize. Watch Laura charging huge slabs in Tenerife, it’s so impressive!

Justine Dupont Paddle Surf Session in Teahupoo

French surfer Justine Dupont is a big wave legend. In this video watch Justine pulling into wave after wave at the infamous, super gnarly, super shallow – Teahupo’o.

Bell Jar

This is a collection of amazing surfing from everywhere. The 10-minute edit features Caity Simmers, Timo Simmers, Zoe McDougall and Stephanie Gilmore. The combination of Caity blowing minds and Steph’s cool style is awesome.