We caught up with pro surfer Lucy Campbell to talk all about one of our favourite topics…surfboards.


What is your fave board to ride in small waves?

I’ve actually just got a new 5’6 version of the Adams P13 and Im totally in love with it! I sat down with the boys and we tweaked the model slightly to what I like and felt I needed in the water, like a slightly softer, more rounded squash tail and more volume over around my chest!

What is your ‘go to board’ shape for bigger swells and comps?

I have a 5’9 round tail pin for when it comes to bigger waves and I have to say I get super exited for when it’s big enough to take it out!


Do you have a standard fin setup or do you like to change between retro styles and speed setups?

I do stick to the trusty thruster, I’ve being playing around a lot with different fins recently and find it amazing how much the slightest difference can make. I would really love to have a splash around with a single fin or some more retro kind of setups though!

Do you love deck grips or are you a fan of feeling the glass beneath your feet?

Totally tail pads! I really notice the difference when I get my foot right to the back, up against the kicker…so much more control of the fins! (Try it girls!!!)

Are you a board bag or a sock kinda girl?

Usually I’m a sock lover, I even made a few of my own last summer but now that I have some new boards from Adams, those babies come with me zipped up safe and sound in a board bag!