Libby, what’s your fave board to ride in small waves?
In small weak waves I’d swap my performance SDF board for a high volume board like the SDF Pod and drop about 4 inches in length. It has a round & low rocker which produces enough float to paddle into waves, but maintains speed and is still nice and manoeuvrable. 

What is your go to board shape for bigger swells and comps?
I feel right at home on my 5’10 SDF KX model. Sam Du Feu (Local Swansea shaper, SDF) and I spent a lot of time discussing options and making sure I had the right board under my feet. I opted for a squash tail, which is very forgiving and versatile in many conditions and it’s medium rails feel stable but still allows me to perform tight, sharp turns.


Do you have a standard fin setup or do you like to change between retro styles and speed setups?
For competitions and training I stick with the good old trustworthy thruster setup as it combines stability, drive and manoeuvrability. I am yet to try a quad but I’ve heard good things about their drive, so maybe if I talk to Sam nicely he’ll design one for my next competition (laughs)

Do you love deck grips or are you a fan of feeling the glass beneath your feet?
Ha,ha, well it depends what mood I’m in really! If I’m just out to cruise in the sunshine then I’ll opt for the beautiful feel of wax beneath my feet but if I’m training or surfing in a competition then I feel the extra grip and the kick block really does allow for more progressive manoeuvres; so I guess for me it depends on what I,m trying to achieve from my session.

Are you a board bag or a sock kinda girl?
I’m definitely a board sock kinda girl. They save your clothing from getting wax all over you if you’re going on an adventurous walk to find waves – they’re easier to fit under your arm than a board bag, plus you can throw then in the washing machine when they get super smelly.