We had a catch up with pro rider Emily Currie to talk all about one of our favourite topics…surfboards. Emily loves both long and shortboards and surfs both equally well in competitions all across the UK. Here is a little interview to give us an incite into her favourite shapes and sizes for different waves.


Photo Credit: Richard Davies

What is your fave board to ride in small waves?
– My Roger Tout board, got a bit more volume than my usual, and has a twin concave to pick up speed easily!

What is your go to board shape for bigger swells and comps?
– Similar board to my small wave board, it’s actually pretty much a copy, just got less volume and is slightly bigger.. It’s a 5’9! Also shaped by Roger Tout.

Do you have a standard fin setup or do you like to change between retro style and speed setups?
– On my shortboards, I stay with a thruster setup, but on my longboards I like big retro single fins at the moment, but also have a couple of boards with a standard set up!



Do you love deck grips or are you a fan of feeling the glass beneath your feet?
– I like grip pads on my shortboards for sure! But on my longboards, even my performance ones, I prefer having no grip pad!

Are you a board bag or sock kinda girl?
– Definitely gotta be board sock, any day haha!


Photo credit: Jessie Stewart