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Salty Days LS Spring 202

2mm £99

Salt-drenched and sun-bleached. A match made in heaven. Retro cuts and prints meet in this long sleeve suit, guaranteed to motivate you to stay salty. Ideal for warm water or spring days, this style keeps the chill and the sun off. 3/4 zip at front.


3/2mm £200

Cold-water function and custom design meet in the Billabong Salty Dayz Steamers Chest Zip Wetsuit for women. Part of the Billabong Surf Capsule Collection, custom prints top AX1 Superflex Neoprene, lined with hollow fibre thermal fabric for added insulation. A chest entry system and machine-applied, pressure-bonded stretch tape keep the leaks out while maintaining flexibility. The printed wetsuit is designed to stand out in the line-up, while keeping you out there with premium thermal retention.


3/2mm £275

The Furnace Carbon X is pound for pound, feature for feature, the best value high end technical wetsuit on market. The flexible, carbon-lined Billabong Furnace Carbon Wetsuit is your premium performance fullsuit. Engineered with a Furnace Carbon Fibre, quick-dry thermal lining, this cold water fullsuit retains heat without adding weight. A Drymax water-tight, chest-zip entry system keeps cold water out, while the Drystretch external jersey holds less water, maintaining the lightweight feel. A seamless shoulder and stitchless seam construction ensures an unrestricted session while creating a water-tight seal.