Salty Dayz Light LT Spring
You’re in for a wild ride ahead in the 1mm Salty Dayz Light Long Sleeve Spring Suit. Part of the Billabong Surf Capsule Collection, the zip-front long sleeve women’s suit is perfect for core heat and stand-out style. Now with a Recycled Superflex Plus exterior, it’s made from premium Recycled Superlight neoprene, a lightweight foam made partially from recycled car tyres and neoprene scraps, creating flexibility alongside sustainability. This cool water suit is finished with B-Lock Superflex stitch construction for comfort and durability. 
1mm, £130.00 

Peeky Jacket
Get your toes on the nose with this peaky number. You can wear the front zip open or closed, so let your style match your mood. Being kind to our oceans, the glues used in this jacket are non-toxic and water-based. The seams are flat to enhance movement, while the stretch neoprene won’t hold you back while you’re dancing along the waves at your favourite spot. 
1mm, £105

Salty Dayz Chest Zip 
Stand out in the line-up with signature style and progressive performance. Equipped with cutting-edge wetsuit technology, including a chest zip and a mix of Graphene Recycler Plus and Silicon Stretch thermal lining, the Surf Capsule Collection women’s full suit is customised with palm printed panels and a standout tone throughout. Combining style, performance, and sustainability, the Salty Dayz wetsuit features conscious construction with partially recycled Superlight Foam neoprene and water-based adhesives. 
3/2mm, £230 I @billabongwomenseurope