Want to be healthy and happy this summer? Well here are some quick and easy suggestions and tips from yoga instructor Sarah Grant.

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Photo: Abbi Hughes


* Drink more water but avoid it if its been sat in a plastic bottle.  If you can get yourself a hard plastic one to refill then you can reuse it and not contribute to the vast amount of plastic being dumped at sea – you don’t want to meet your bottle again whilst surfing do you?
* If you are going to diet, summer is the best time to do it, however…should you be living healthily and being more active then there will be no need as the body will naturally burn up those calories it may have been harbouring.
* Eat & Drink little and often – graze – so as to not overload or dilute the digestive furnace.


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* Balance is important at any time of the year but we are more prone to burn out in Summer when natures energy is at its peak and so is ours! Learn how to find balance in your body, your thoughts and your activities.
* My Yoga teacher said to ‘learn to use passion positively’ as it is tempting to be all encompassed by something you love but it can bog you down.  (see point one)
* Exercise the body – no time like the present to get active! the nights are lighter so there are more hours in the day – after work surf anyone?
* Have a laugh, laughing is good for you, it strengthens your immune system, boosts your energy, can help to diminish pain, and protects you from the damaging effects of stress.  Let all those miracle Endorphins flood your body and make you feel great!

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Photo: Abbi Hughes

For more information on Seasonal Yoga see SurfGirl magazines or come down to the Waves and Workouts Weekend where Sarah will be giving morning yoga sessions to get us ready and nimble for our day of surfing.