Check out the edit of professional snowboarders Hana Beaman, Sarka Pancochova, and Cheryl Maas riding motorcycles to snowboard on Mt. Hood, surf the Oregon Coast, and skateboard and camp at Dreamroll, a women’s only motorcycle camp trip, because let’s face it, we all need good news and a little inspiration.

” I was super stoked when Cheryl hit me up to join them on the US version of Babes on Bikes on tour! I had been to a few biker babe rallies in SoCal before and was planning to switch it up and go to The Dreamroll up in southern Washington with my friend Dana this year. So when these girls hit me up and told me about this awesome trip it was a no-brainer! I picked up my bike and met Dana in Mammoth, CA and we zig-zagged up through the Cascades to meet the girls in Portland before heading out for some shredding at Hood.

Camping out and riding bikes up to shred at Hood was super rad, I’ve always thought about it so it was awesome to get to finally do it! Even at the end of the summer shred season we had such a fun time, and off-hill we had all kinds of fun swimming, going out on a rowboat, hiking, skating; it was just a great trip and to be able to get to know all the girls better was the best part. After a few days of shredding we loaded up and headed off to the Dreamroll.

It was really cool to see Cheryl and Sarka with the whole motorcycle crew and see the stoke of riding all as one. I’ve only known them as snowboarders so it was a pretty cool feeling to be on a bike, with a sense of camaraderie similar to snowboarding. You are still an individual on your bike and each rider has their own style but all of us out there share in that feeling of freedom, adventure, and fun, and that’s what really brings us together on and off our snowboards.”

— Hana Beaman, Professional Snowboarder

“We started off at Mt. Hood where we went snowboarding and adventured around to different lakes and waterfalls. Then we went down to Portland and joined this all women motorcycle riding and camping festival called Dream Roll. It was crazy to see so many women involved in the motorcycle community. Last stop was the beautiful Oregon coast where we suited up and went for a surf.”

— Director: Sandra Hillen