Hosted May 12 – 15 2016, 3rd Annual Approaching Lines International Festival of Surf X REEF brings to Cornwall two nights of the very best surf films from across the globe, celebrating filmmaking on a global scale with a hand picked line up to will inspire, enlighten and entertain.

“We’ve curated a programme of the year’s most exciting movies that explore surfing and surf culture from all angles. Showing just what is possible at the very edge of human endurance, we’re delighted to host the European Premiere of ‘Dirty Old Wedge’, which is guaranteed to blow minds. Multi award-winning Fish and Uncharted Waters combine stunning cinematography candid interviews celebrating the icons of our culture. Faroes from celebrated filmmaker and photographer Chris Burkard explores the overwhelming lure of surf exploration in some of the planet’s most inhospitable landscapes while the multi-award winning British film Freezing has taken the surfing world by storm.” says Festival Director Chris Nelson. “For many of the films this will be the only chance to see them on the big screen in the southwest, watched as they were intended to be seen, surrounded by an enthusiastic and amped crew.” For full line up details:

Tickets are available priced £6 via the Lighthouse Cinema T: 01637 878650. A limited number of evening passes are also available for £10 delivering a full evening of films plus a complimentary Sharp’s ale.

Accompanied by the inaugural Approaching Lines charity surf quiz night hosted at Gilmore’s on 12th May plus the UK’s most exciting alt wave riding contest, The Slyder Cup hosted at the Lusty Glaze, 15th May, The Approaching Lines International presented by REEF is a celebration of the cream of contemporary surf culture.

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FREEZING Dir. Rob Lockyear & Jeremy Joyce, UK, Southwest Premiere
Multi-award winning film from talented crew behind ‘The Shaper’ and ‘#Vanlife’. Always with their fingers on the throbbing pulse of the surfing zeitgeist, Freezing is a hilarious journey to the icy fringes of cold water exploration – in search of a mythical wave – that pushes friendships, frontiers and fortitude to their very limits. What could possibly go wrong… “We watched it and instantly fell in love,” Surfer Magazine

Screening with:

FAROES: THE OUTPOST VOL. 2 Dir: Ben Weiland & Chris Burkard, USA, Southwest Premiere
Bleak, beautiful and jaw-droopingly, critically acclaimed filmmakers present a spectacular travelogue that goes in search of the secrets of the Faroe Islands and never before surfed waves. Featuring: Dane Gudauskas, Tyler Warren, Justin Quintal and Sam Hammer in search for never before surfed waves.

Screening with:

ICELAND Dir. Jimmy Pinfield, UK UK Premiere


FRIDAY 13 MAY SESSION 2: 8.45 pm

UNCHARTED WATERS Wayne Lynch Dir. Craig Griffin, AUS Southwest Premiere
Groundbreaking, multi award-winning documentary exploring one of surfing’s most influential and enigmatic characters, Australian surf legend Wayne Lynch. The film lifts the curtain to glimpse Lynch’s character and motivation, while showing the massive influence he has had, and continues to have on our most groundbreaking surfers. Not to be missed.

Screening with:

MY CANVAS Dir. Mr. B / Alan Stokes, UK World Premiere
“It’s about connecting with the natural vibrations and energy, no matter what you’re riding,” says Alan. Presented in person by Alan Stokes & filmmaker Mr. B


FISH: THE DOCUMENTARY Dir. Joseph Ryan, USA Southwest Premiere
Multi award-winning and Surfer Poll nominated – an epic exploration of the board design that revolutionised surfing forever. At a time when logs ruled the line-up, San Diego surfer Steve Lis came up with a design so radical it remained an underground sensation for years. Combining awesome action footage with contributions from a who’s who of surf culture, from pioneer Steve Lis through to modern creatives like Dave Rastovich, via Derek Hynd, Mark Richards, Tom Curren and Rob Machado, this really is a must see.


DIRTY OLD WEDGE Dir. Tim Burnham, USA, European Premiere
The Wedge is a mythical man-made mutant. Since its creation, people have flocked to stand and stare in awe as a tight crew of surfers and bodysurfers take on the monstrous waves where injuries are common and where even deaths have occurred. Featuring epic womping, wipeouts, hard charging and insight from Keith Malloy, Mark Cunningham, Ron Romanosky Mike Stewart, Danny Kwock, Bill Sharp and the hard charging WEDGE CREW this is an epic ‘eyes-on-stalks’ visceral feast not to be missed!

Screening with:

OF VIKING MINDS Dir. Chris Case, UK (UK Premiere)