Tyler Wright isn’t your typical Champion. Hell, she’s not even your typical human being. She’s different, she’s core, she’s innately talented and she’s completely true to herself. And in France, being that antihero – that person who doesn’t even know she’s won a World Title until her team manager comes up and tells her – finally paid off. Congratulations on your maiden World Title Tyler. You keep doing you!

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Four airports and 35-odd hours after Tyler Wright woke up from her celebrations in France, the newest WSL Champion finally landed back home in Australia.


She was not only greeted by every news station in the country, but also by the entire Wright clan – Fiona, Timmy, Owen, Kirby, Mikey, their partners, their friends, their cousins and more.

This crew hasn’t been in the same room together since November 2015 – and in arrivals terminal A of Sydney’s Kingsford Smith they reunited, dressed in Wright jerseys and ready to celebrate.

Later, during the press conference, a media representative asked what it felt like, being greeted by her entire family as the new World Champion…

“You know what? It felt normal! Seeing my mum, seeing Owen, seeing my whole family there – of course I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome home. But having a World Title in my hands doesn’t change anything. We’re still the same family up to the same shenanigans, out being hooligans. I mean, look at them back there, wearing jerseys and causing a raucous! It’s a family I’m so happy I’m a part of.”


Tyler continued answering questions from the press for just under an hour, covering everything from the moment she found out that she’d won a World Title, all the way up to looking towards Maui and beyond. But the statement that stood out the most was this –

“I always knew I would win a World Title. It was just a matter of deciding I was ready to do it. I’ve grown up a lot in the last year, and because of that I decided that it was time to put my mind to it, to really throw everything into it – and now that I’m here, I feel like it’s right where I should be. It hasn’t come too soon and it hasn’t come too late.”

From the airport, Tyler and her family headed south in a limousine for a day (and night) of much deserved celebrations.