Another Surf Camp

Location: Peniche, Portugal

Another Surf Camp Baleal is located at Europe’s favourite surf spot, Peniche. Peniche is a peninsula, so you will find surfable waves for almost any wind direction. In fact, the waves are so good that Peniche hosts one of the World Surf League Championship Tour events every year at the famous Supertubos beach. Peniche is not only for professional surfers though, as the various spots offer surf conditions for every skill level. We are located 150 meters from Praia Lagide, the legendary beach in Baleal. We love Baleal, as the vibe is unique.

Another Surf Camp has teamed up with João de Macedo, Portugal’s famous big-wave surfer, who wrote The Book on providing surf lessons. Joao’s organisation surf academia provides all surf lessons at Another Surf Camp. Join us for beginner, intermediate and advanced surf lessons.