Name:  Annie Taylor
Age: 34
Occupation: Graphic designer and artist.
Location: Christchurch, Dorset, South Coast
Instagram: Annie.taylor.creates

Interview by Corinne Evans

After catching our eye on Instagram with her breathtaking ocean inspired seascapes we knew we needed to chat with Annie to find out how she got into creating such wonderful works of art and find out where she draws her inspiration from. Here’s what Annie had to say: 

Annie, describe your art?
I create blue colourful abstract seascapes that are my own personal snapshots of how I see the sea and the beauty of it. The technique I use is known as “fluid art” I work with acrylics, acrylic inks various paint mediums and pouring techniques to make textured vibrant paintings that represent the different emotions of the sea. From dark and stormy waves to the glittering turquoise underwater worlds of the tropics.  I like to experiment with tones and textures and explore the many different visuals of water I can make. It’s an unpredictable process and every painting I make Is totally unique, that’s one of the many things I love about fluid art, nothing can be replicated.   

Where do you draw inspiration from?  
My artwork is based purely on water and the sea. I have always loved everything about it! The waves the wild colours, the textures, the movement, the light and the life within it. I take inspiration from the coastline on my doorstep, places I’ve travelled and my own adventures in the water. When I go swimming in the sea or the pool I take my waterproof camera. I shoot underwater photos, some of the waves others of the sunlight dancing through the ripples. I just love the seas natural beauty. Then I recreate it on canvas. I recreate the sea every day! 

Who has inspired you along the way? 
Honestly, my grandmother, she always believed in me and told me I could be anything I wanted to be as long as I was happy. She was always my biggest fan and loved anything I created for her. Both her and my grandfather painted, she never gave up on anything and tried everything if she could and always lived on the brighter side of life. She inspired me as a role model and taught me to appreciate the beauty of nature.    

When did you first start creating your artwork?  
I’ve been painting and drawing most my life but I started pursuing it properly about a year and a half ago. I had been suffering from depression and a mobility problem (lymphedema) with my legs so I began to swim more as therapy and a release. I loved being in the water so much that a part of it came home with me every time. If I couldn’t swim in the water, I would paint it. Or do both. 

Which other artist do you look up to?  
Heather Day based in San Francisco, She creates bold, bright artworks of texture and colour in various different medias. Her work is based on how she sees colours, places and landscapes. It’s uplifting and inspiring. Another is Stella Maria Baer, pastel palettes, planets and dreamy peach desert landscapes.  

Tell us about your favourite beaches?  
I have so many favourite beaches but the closest to my heart is Hengistbury head in Dorset. I grew up spending my summer’s in the overnight beach huts there. Every day was like living on a little island with a sandy bed and fresh sea swim in the morning (according to my mum, however, I never got out the sea). But next in line is defiantly Constantine and Harlyn Bay in Cornwall, two of my favourite surfing spots and they hold beautiful memories.  Cornwall will always be my second home, I love the coastline – every beach is stunning and the water colour is so many kinds of blue. 


What’s does your daily routine look like?
Usually, the first thing I do when I wake up is go and check on the painting I’ve made the day before. They take 24 hours to dry so I always get excited about seeing that first. Then fresh coffee and crumpets! I do all my creative work from home so after a day on the computer I go down to the waterfront by my house and watch the sunset take photos (even on the rainy days) then it’s time for a swim mainly to help my legs…sometimes with my camera. In the evenings I will paint again, it’s an effective way to wind down and is extremely therapeutic. Plus, every day I wake up knowing the day before I created something beautiful. It’s very rewarding.