Alice where do you live, tell us a bit about Alicestar Jewellery?

I was born and still living in Athens, Greece, since my childhood I was in love with the sea. My fathers occupation was making and selling jewelry so it was natural to me to continue the family business and expend it into the form it is today.

What inspired you to create your own jewellery line?

My inspiration for the sea sports line (windsurf-surf-nautical-kayak jewelry) was at first a boy that I met in my childhood, he was a young windsurfer, still is and because of him years later i started to try and make windsurf jewelry, that was the beginning, then I started making surfboards and of course from my fathers jewelry collections we had many nautical designs.

I consider myself a professional jewellery maker, I test every new piece before it is on the market. I take special care with the sea sports jewellery because they will come in touch with the sea water.

Are you very creative?

Yes, sometimes 24hours is not enough! I want to make so many things to make people happy but also to challenge myself, my ability and my limits as an artist. 

Jewellery2 Jewellery3

What do you love the ocean?

I love sea and ocean since my childhood, I always feel this special bond with the water, I always wanted to be in it, on it, either diving, swimming or doing sea sports. I windsurf, I do SUP, I’m learning surf, I sea kayak and I have a sailing diploma for skipper and for sailing race. 

What would your perfect day be?

At sea of course! When I have time I go to the beach, even on winter, I want to be as close as I can,in or out, to feel the air, the wind, smell the ocean, listen to the waves crushing on the shore, walk on the sand, take photos, get inspired and clear my mind.  A fabulous day for me is when I am in the sea, on the board, or sailing. 

Sea is therapy, takes your cares away, it is joy, happiness,a second home, I love the sea and besides my seasports jewellery I’m in the beginning of a new project, to speak to people and especially to young children about the sea sports and how to keep sea clean and why. 

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