Dive into a world unknown and find your paradise moment with Akua Oceanwear. A unique creation of surf friendly cuts, playful designs and sustainability.

Created on Australia’s Victorian Surf Coast by surfer, diver and Marine Scientist Zoe Strapp, Akua Oceanwear encompasses the worlds tropical seas, to bring to you elegant, playful cuts, vibrant prints and timeless bold colours. Crafted with the highest quality materials, Akua is 100% reversible and offers a seamless, natural fit; perfect for any surf session! 

Using the ocean as their testing ground, Akua gives you a suit you and the sea, can always count on.

Butterfly Fish Dive Top

This top combines the unmistakable support of a sports cut, though for a more elegant feel, we have created a narrower back, thin double platted straps and a cheeky cut out at the front.

Butterfly Fish Wipe Out Bottoms

With a little cheek for those girls looking for the perfect mid cut; you can trust these wipe-out bottoms will withstand all your ocean bloopers! Seemless and hardware free, allowing you to feel your most natural beautiful self.

Akua’s passion for sustainable seas inspires the team to make a change and connect with adventure spirited, mermaids worldwide. Dedicated to a No Plastic policy from start to finish and $2 Donations from every purchase, to a chosen marine organisation. Akua has created a beautiful and sustainable swimwear range to help inspire women worldwide to take their Tropical adventures to new heights.

Hawaiian Turtle Tie Up Top & Bottoms

Brighten up! With a Hawaiian creation for your tropical adventures! Made for the waves, complemented by an innovative design unique to you, as you mix it up and style the back of the top to show your Akua touch. Choose between plaited and plain side bottoms.

Tropical Kiss Collection

The 2017 Tropical Kiss collection brings to life the natural colours and charisma of a booming coral reef. Made for above and below the waves and crafted to withstand all your ocean bloopers, Tropical Kiss combines three unique vibrant prints, inspired by the mesmerising Parrot Fish, iconic Green Sea Turtle and Butterfly fish among the crystal blue Great Barrier Reef. 

Akua Oceanwear is proud to make your ocean odyssey’s part of something bigger by making sustainability beautiful and allowing you to SURF for the SEA!