Protect your kit, it costs money so look after it.  

It’s really important to protect your surfboards whilst travelling, using a surfboard bag is a great way to do just that. They come in a variety of sizes depending on the type of surfboard you have. Rip Curl have some lovely board socks to help protect your surfboard day-to-day and on road trips and when flying the Roxy board bags are great.


If you’re travelling with all your boards you’re bound to have loads of fins, fin keys, leash strings and any other surf related kit. Keeping everything in one place to prevent loss or damage is a pretty good idea. The Rip Curl F-Light Fin Case is so handy, you can chuck all your surf accessories in the bag. It holds four sets of fins, so you won’t spend ages searching for your fin keys or wax because it will all be in one place neatly zipped away. Keep everything dry in our range of waterproof DryLife Bags. In the bigger sizes you can keep your wet wetsuit away from all your dry gear.