Newquay, Cornwall

By Day:

Stylist and Interior Designer

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Can’t live without?

My surfboards, my to-do lists and toast.

How I start everyday:

Porridge with a massive dollop of peanut butter and a tablespoon of honey (because I can never decide between the two), then I always try to get in the sea. I tend to be most pro-active or creative first thing in the morning or just before I go to sleep, so I tend to work early and late – which gives me the excuse to be able to surf during the day.

Favourite hangouts:

I love the Box and Barber Coffeehouse in Newquay –  good vibes the best acai bowls and coffee. I’m so stoked they’re moving even closer to my house on Fore Street next month. On free days I’ll jump in the car with friends to explore Cornwall and find some waves – we’re so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

Favourite quote:

“If happiness is the goal, adventure should be the priority.”

Working Girl:

Weekend? What’s a weekend? I’ve worked in hospitality since I can remember, so weekends don’t really exist for me – but I think it keeps me out of trouble more often than not. During the evenings I work as a chef, and outside of this I am pursuing my career in styling and interior design. It’s really exciting times with some great brand collaborations! The photo shoots are a great way for me to hone my creativity and turn my passion into my career.

Surf squad:

My brother, Mum, Dad and Hannah Harding – she rips and we really push each other out there. The best thing about Newquay is that as soon as I paddle out, especially at North Fistral, I’m always surrounded by people I know. I think I see more of my friends in the sea than I do on the land. It’s the best feeling in the world. 

Beach style:

Summer is easier as naturally we spend more time outside, in the sea and in the sunshine. Exercise is really important to keep the mind happy and the body healthy, so I try to do something everyday – either surfing, yoga, a gym session or boot camp. I think a lot of the ‘beach style’ is who we are, not necessarily what we wear. It’s an energy; a lifestyle. Spending time outside, eating consciously, being positive and having fun is what it’s all about.  

Evie photographed our summer collection for the Beach Boutique. As well as the Fall AW17 fashion shoot in the next issue of SurfGirl out at the end of November.

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