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Patagonia Women’s R2® Yulex™ Front-Zip Full Suit

Maximum performance and minimum harm aren’t mutually exclusive. Patagonia’s latest generation of Yulex natural rubber wetsuits deliver both, without compromising either. The R2® is a stretchy, neoprene-free wetsuit, made of 85% Yulex natural rubber. New patterning results in better fit across a wider spectrum of body types. 3.5mm/3mm. Suggested water temperatures: 55°–60° F/13°–16° C. Fair Trade Certified™ sewn.

3.5mm/3mm, £370

Patagonia Women’s R3® Yulex™ Back-Zip Full Suit

The R3® is a high-performance, neoprene-free wetsuit with easy-access entry. Made from 85% Yulex natural rubber, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 80% compared to conventional, nonrenewable neoprene. Across the range, solution dyeing in the lining and face fabric saves 100 litres of water per suit and reduces CO2 emissions by 96% compared to conventional dyeing processes. 4.5mm/3.5mm. Suggested water temperatures: 48°–55° F/9°–13° C.  Fair Trade Certified™ sewn.

4.5mm/3.5mm, £390

Patagonia Women’s R4® Yulex™ Front-Zip Hooded Full Suit

Light, ultrastretchy and remarkably comfortable. The R4® is a high-performance, neoprene-free wetsuit for reliable warmth in frigid conditions. The renewable natural rubber is tapped from hevea trees that produce rubber for up to 30 years. It meets Patagonia’s rigorous standards for performance, durability, warmth and sustainability. 5.5mm/4mm. Suggested water temperatures: 38°–48° F/3°–9° C. Fair Trade Certified™ sewn.

5.5mm/4mm, £450