The recent trend of saunas along Cornwall’s picturesque coastline offers a cool and unique experience for beach lovers to enjoy this spring. Evoking traditional Nordic vibes, it’s amazing to be in a wood-fired saunas next to the roaring sea – a totally unique experience in Nature. The sauna experience is not just about relaxation it also serves as a lovely warm-up following a surf in the chilly Cornish waves and recovery session for sore muscles after a surf.

Coldwater swims have been hugely popular in the last few years and in true Nordic fashion it’s the combination of cold and hot which offers many benefits for body, mind, and spirit; including bolstering the immune system, uplifting mood, alleviating stress, boosting circulation, facilitating muscle recovery, detoxifying the body, and nurturing radiant skin.

The invigorating ritual involves alternating between a bracing coldwater plunge in the sea or dousing yourself with icy water and then heading into the sauna for some intense dry heat. What makes these saunas so unique is their location at or nearby picturesque Cornish beaches. Whatever the weather it’s a true elemental experience.

If you’ve yet to try it out, then give it a go, the saunas offer a community experience or private session to share with friends. Below is a selection of some of the saunas dotting Cornwall’s coastline.

1. Saunas by the Sea

Located in two locations, Baby Bay, New Polzeath and Harlyn Bay, these beach saunas offer a unique haven for surfers and beach enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re in need of post-surf pampering or simply seeking a moment of serenity amidst the waves, the carefully curated saunas a revitalising experience tailored for the modern woman.

2. Olla Hiki

A mobile wood-fired sauna at North Fistral and Watergate, in addition to the communal and private sauna sessions we offer a whole range of regular event from Sauna Ceremonies to singing in the sauna, sound bath, silent meditative sessions, naked sauna, full moon sessions and much more.

3. Rising Embers

Located in the sub tropical gardens of St Anthony near the ocean in Penzance, this woodfired barrel creates a bit of paradise to drop out of your head and into your body. Unwind those knotted muscles and feel the deep heat. Sauna time is you time.

4. Kiln

A unique wellness experience awaits at Kiln Quay at Flushing Beach with ‘Kiln’, a thoughtfully designed mobile community sauna. This innovative project, draws inspiration from sauna traditions around the world and this architectural harmony invites guests to a meditative experience.

5. Ocean Soul Sauna

Nestled amongst the beaches in Bude, this traditional wood-fired sauna boasts a panoramic views. You can indulge in sauna treatments such as clay face masks or salt body scrubs. Or join in a variety of holistic events, including soothing sound baths, rejuvenating sauna rituals, and special monthly Full Moon saunas, all aimed at nourishing both mind and body.

6. Escape to the Sauna

Escape to the sauna run a traditional wood fired barrel sauna with amazing views at three locations in Cornwall for the perfect post surf sauna. You’ll find them next to the rivermouth at North Quay in Hayle, very close to one of the best breaks in Cornwall. They’re also on the beach at Carlyon Bay and steps away from the beach at Maenporth Boatyard in Falmouth. You can warm away your post surf muscle aches in one of their 1/2 hour community saunas or you can hire the sauna out for an hour for yourself and your friends. The sauna is pretty spacious and seats up to seven in a community session but will easily fit more in if you’ve got a bigger group.