Tom Veiga is a Brazilian artist who’s art is inspired by the beauty of the sea and movement of waves. Globally popular, Tom’s vibrant pieces of design reflect his passion for surfing, art, waves and surf culture with unique shapes and tropical colours.  We love Tom’s colourful artwork so we asked him to do us a design for the Beach Boutique and we stoked when he said yes! Here’s a short interview with Tom to find out more about his style.


Tom, where do you live and what is the vibe there?

I live in a paradise called Garopaba, southern coast of Brazil, place surrounded by beautiful beaches and many waves. I moved here in 2012, before that lived in Curitiba, it’s  great and there’s no beach and I couldn’t stand to live away the sea.

How would you describe your style?

Well, my style seeks to convey life and joy through the curves and colours. I can not define what my style is but seek only to express my passion for waves and my search art style to interpret the most of the unique characteristics of each wave around the world using the least trace possible, more minimalist way. I do a translation of my vision of waves using design as a tool.


What do you love the sea?

I love everything in the sea every day I will walk on the beach every day drawing waves. I love to take my kids to play on the beach, we have a strong connection to the ocean and where I live is a village of traditional fishermen, so we life around the sea, it is wondrous.


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