Tis the season to eat strawberries and supermarkets and pick your own farms are teaming with the red and juicy treats. Totally delicious and packed with vitamin C, fibre, antioxidants and more, there is a reason that back in the day these these berries were deemed as a luxury item for royalty only. Make the most of strawberry season now and pop in your Pimms, porridge and pancakes.

Eating cake for charity

This July support Breast Cancer Care’s Afternoon Tea fundraising campaign by gathering your friends together for a cup of tea and cake. In return for your delicious baked goods and hospitality, ask guests to donate towards this excellent cause and then the money goes straight to Breast Cancer Care to support the 62,000 people diagnosed with breast cancer each year.
More information at or if you need some baking inspiration, check out the new Good Vibes cookbook here for Deliciously Decadent Doughnuts, Elderflower and Raspberry Cake and more.

Pretty in Pink

Pink hued hair has been cropping up on our Instagram and Pinterest for a while and we are now officially onboard. From candy and rose gold tones to unicorn brights, pastels and marshmallow manes, pink hair is girly, summery and a little bit mermaidy. Whether going bold or subtle, if you’ve always dreamt of experimenting with a bit of colour then now is the time to make those pinterest inspo pics a reality.

Shorty Season

In the Northern Hemisphere it is finally lovely and warm and along with all the outdoor activities the good weather brings, a little sun also allows us to pop the 5/4mm to one side in place of our trendy shorty wetsuits. Even if we only get to wear it for one day, it is totally worth the purchase and to make us feel like a mega Bali Instagram babe.