This year is moving so fast, it seems only yesterday the Christmas turkey was on the table. With spring officially here now is the time to start your bikini body workout. Easier said than done! It’s really hard to snap out of hibernation mode especially when the days are still cold and short. Getting from sleeping sloth to healthy, fitness goddess is actually the hardest part!

Here’s some top tips to get you buzzing with inspiration and motivation to kick start your bikini body goals.
1. Write down or find a picture of what you want to achieve before its bikini body time, whether it’s to improve your general wellbeing or get super toned and fit.
2. Follow inspirational women on Instagram and Facebook. Emily Skye is our favourite as she posts different exercises and diet tips daily. https://www.facebook.com/emilyskyemodel
3. Set realistic goals and stick to them. If you set yourself ridiculous goals you will quickly find these are not achievable and feel unmotivated yet again! Small achievable goals, will give you a real sense of success.
4. Find a workout buddy/surf buddy, working out is always way more fun with someone else, you will also push each other to new limits. If you can’t find anyone, join a class or surf club! Hanging out with like-minded people will fuel your motivation.
5. Wake up and get changed straight into your workout gear, working out in the morning really kick starts your day and gives you positive mind set. Otherwise you find yourself putting it off and off until ‘oh I will just do it tomorrow’. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today!
6. Set yourself a goal you can’t get out of! There are so many charity swims and runs across the world what better way to stay on track and to do something good along the way. We are more likely to follow through with pledges when we make them in front of family and friends. So plaster it on Facebook and that way there’s no backing out.
7. Log your workouts onto your Facebook, the response you get will be positive and may inspire friends and family to workout with you. There are so many apps out there which track your runs and workout sessions.
8. Positive thinking. When you’re lying in bed deciding whether to go for that dreaded morning workout, remind yourself of the feeling feel after, happy and on track!
9. Don’t buy junk food, full stop. If you have junk food in your cupboards you will end up eating it. If it’s not there when you crave chocolate at 10.30pm at night, can you really be bothered to go to the shops to get one? No!
10. Reward yourself! Buy new summer clothes, bikinis, and wetsuits as a reward. Best excuse ever!
Follow these 10 top tips to help kick start your summer body regime.

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