Planning on heading off on a European surf trip this autumn?

Well before you go, check out the 10 reasons why we love Europe – from amazing waves, food and weather, Europe really does have it all.


1. Weather

The weather in Europe late summer and well into autumn is amazing. It’s pretty much perfect with the water temperatures rising to allow you to surf in a short leg wetsuits or even a bikini on the hot days. With such a wonderful climate it means you can spend your days under the sun, surfing, cycling and exploring. However, with all this hot weather can come to some pretty crazy thunderstorms and downpours which are awesome to watch but don’t get caught out!

2. Food & Drink

We love food and when we say food we mean good food! Europe is full of delicious culinary delights to feast on. Fresh produce, organic fruit and vegetables and homemade delicacies full the local supermarkets and stores. Nothing beats a fish baguette in the morning followed by an espresso.

3. Beaches

With what feels like endless stretches of golden, white sandy beaches, hidden coves and dramatic cliff tops, the European coastline has some of some of the most beautiful in the world. If you’re willing to walk a little or drive a few extra miles along the coast you can find a hidden gem, away from the crowds.

4. Waves

Europe has great waves to suit all abilities, from beginners to those ready to charge some beach barrels, there’s something for everyone. It’s also really consistent and long stretches of beach serving up perfect peaks as far as the eye can see. Again, if you’re prepared to drive a little you’ll be able to get away from the crowds.

5. Culture

It’s not just good food and waves, Europe is steeped in culture and history. Just head off for a wander, go inland or down the back streets and you’re bound to find exquisite architecture, galleries and museums – enough to satisfy most culture vultures.

6. Camping

Forget having to book a fancy hotel or B&B, Europe is fully equipped for camping adventures with amazing facilities. Whether you want to go for the simple life or all out glamping there’s something or every budget. The facilities at these campsites will blow you away and put our UK ones to shame. Perfect for solo travellers, groups and families, save your pennies and opt for a campsite.

7. Facilities

With showers and toilet facilities on most beaches which are open 24/7, you can enjoy a fresh shower after a days surfing. It’s the simple things that go along way and getting to wash the salt and sand off before you head back to your van or tent is such a novelty.

8. Outdoor Lifestyle

We don’t know whether it’s the amazing climate or just the culture itself but everyone seems to spend their days outside enjoying Mother Nature. Alfresco dining is a huge thing in Europe with coffee shops, restaurants and bakeries on every street with outdoor seating. The outdoor lifestyle is fully embraced in Europe and we love it!

9. Markets

From food markets, flea markets, craft stalls and handmade markets in most local towns over the weekends, what better way to spend a few hours than buying wonderful gifts and eating delicious cheese and sipping on wine. Embrace the European lifestyle to the fullest.

10. Van Life

Europe is very accommodating when it comes it vans, campers and motorhomes. With sites up and down the coast with specific areas, you can park up and sleep it’s easy to find perfect places to pitch up for a few days. The beauty of travelling in a van is, you can go where the waves are. You can explore and adventure with ease and take you home with you where ever you go.