Vanimo Surf Lodge

Location: Papua New Guinea

Vanimo Surf Lodge offers a range of surf breaks on the north coast of Papua New Guinea. Here the waves remain relatively secret, making it an idyllic location for surfers who are looking to surf without a couple of hundred “mates” in the water and instead enjoy an average of 3-4 surfers per break.

Foresight and planning is the secret to low numbers here as the Surfing Association of Papua New Guinea has introduced a global first to maintain and limit the crowds for the benefit of all. SAPNG has introduced a membership fee for all visiting surfers of AUD$50 / K100 once only. 

The various locations around Papua New Guinea have a limit on the number of visiting surfers and at Vanimo the current limit is 20 visiting surfers spread over eight breaks. The ability to travel to the different local breaks by foot, land and sea provides great variety.