Surfing alongside a big whale … scary or fun, we can’t decide! Here are our favourite clips of surfers and their closer encounters with ocean wildlife.

A50ft Whale nudges a woman’s paddleboard before diving below her near Puerto Madryn, off the Argentinian coast. 

Via @lifeontheedgeofficial

Diving extraordinaire Ocean Ramsey and one of her many videos alongside sharks.

Photographer Juan getting up close and personal with Tiger Shark.

Sunset surf session with a great white shark.

Shot by Scott Fairchild in California. 

A whale joins the line up at Lennox Head in Queensland

Stephanie Gimore alongside a few friends

Drone footage of dolphin next to surfer in Ventura, California. 

A beautiful morning in Umdloti Beach, Durban, South Africa

Baby Seal steals the show 

A pod of dolphins joined a group of surfers in Carpinteria, California